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"A DTube Client" Privacy Policy

We value your privacy!


Our Simple Policy


Although we do not collect any information from users, the app uses the Steemit API which collects necessary information if you are logged in. Please see services section.


Our app uses the Steemit API which is the backbone behind DTube. The Steemit API allows you to login, like/dislike content, comment, reply to comments, and  subscribe/unsubscribe. All of these actions are actions which are collected by Steemit. For example, when you like a post, that like data is sent to Steemit and associated with your DTube/Steemit account. This is done for the purpose of keeping track of who has liked a post etc.

Local Storage

The app also uses different types of application data and caches such as storing image cache and login information. The login password is encrypted and stored locally on your device using an RSA encryption method

Rights & Distribution 

We reserve rights to modify this policy whenever needed, but the latest version will be on this page. 

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