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Using a Touch Phone

Introducing Dtube Client, the Unofficial DTube Android App


About the DTube Unofficial Android App

The DTube unofficial Android app is an open source app created to serve as a client for the revolutionary crypto-based decentralized video platform DTube. More info on how DTube works can be found at about.d.tube

The DTube Unofficial App aims to provide a simple and beautiful way to explore and interact with the DTube platform. 


Key Highlights

Good to Know

Sync app with your DTube/Steemit account

•Subscriptions sync
•Subscribers count sync
•Subscription feed sync
•Comment/reply to •comment/like/dislike/subscribe using your account

Privacy & Security

This app is completely free from tracking of any sort! Our app also uses a secure way to encrypt your password information to keep your account protected

Open Source

Our app is open source and the source code is available on Github.


Download now from the Google Play Store

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